• Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Looking back at some models of SUVS and it makes for an incredibly iconic truck Broncos, Blazers and ramchargers right as the best SUV of all time. They talked about the SUV History and Cherokee SJ belongs in this group. It didn’t even exist as an absolute icon of the 1970s and interesting thing is Jeep Cherokee is the first to ever use a sport utility vehicle, which makes the argument on what is the first SUV Cherokee it literally invented the term. From then on AMC/Jeep just continued to perfect the Cherokee since 74 they released this two-door kind of basic rugged e-version and 75 they release a wide track version of the wide track version is 3 in wider includes fender flares.

Jeep Cherokee Headlamp

Believe Me… Cherokee XJ Headlights are a Total Disaster

 Over the last few days I have been playing in the headlights on my jeep Cherokee. What has happened has been this…Now after getting everything attached rebuilt and two Silverstar headlights that run almost $60. I had a headlight assembly fall out after I spent 20 minutes working to adjust. The simplest task of changing headlights has turned into a tremendous nightmare. So I will put a gallery down below…


Jeep Cherokee XJ Love

https://www.gearpatrol.com/cars/a33315091/jeep-xj-cherokee-cooler-than-you-think/ Currently, I purchased this Cherokee during a hard time in my life as the pandemic took away my job and thus making me unable to pay my car payment, which subsequently had my car repossessed. Now I was also semi broke because I rented a car during the summer when I had extra money instead of saving up to buy a couple of $1000 vehicles. In reality, I knew…